A FILM by emílio belmonte WITH rocío molina
SPAIN, France / 2017 / 1h25 / SUB 


Tuesday 5th of March at 8:30p.m. . Cinéma Actes Suds, Arles

IMPULSO tells us about one of the most captivating challenges of modern flamenco history: the creation, in 2016, of the Spanish dancer an choreographer Rocío Molina for the Théâtre National of Chaillot in Paris.

First National dancing Prize at the age of 26 and worldwide famous prima ballerina at 30, the bailaora Rocío Molina tirelessly surpasses the limits of traditional flamenco. Proof of her uncompromising modernity, her improvisations (impulsos) are an original exercise. IMPULSO explores what makes Rocío Molina an out of standards dancer, the terrible child of modern flamenco: the systematic transgression of rules, her permanent research on the breaking point including with her body, and her personal way of questionning the feminin condition during the XXI° century.
Some festivalgoers have had the pleasure to assist one of her first impulsos : it was in Arles while [La Nuit] in 2013. Others were able to follow her Master Classes in 2012 and 2013. In 2017, she joined Silvia Pérez Cruz on the stage of the Théâtre Antique, at her invitation, for a remarkable perfomance, prelude to her latest show Grito Pelao.

“ I always think about a way to transform tradition, in dancing just like in music. Flamenco is coded, nevertheless it leaves the freedom to a part of improvisation. “ Rocío Molina

“And if I could film the fulgurant fracture that links the beautiful to the tragic, the tradition of flamenco and his renewal ? This tension lives within Rocío Molina, it is the root of her artistic creation. With this film I want to find out the exact moment when that tension is born in her body and becomes a dancing move. “ Emílio Belmonte