[le chœur battant] & trio âman 
Concert / 60 min

Friday 8th of March 6:30p.m.  Salle Mistral, St-Martin-de-Crau

Promoted by SUDS, à ARLES and the Conservatoire de Musique du Pays d’Arles since 3 years, [Le Chœur Battant]  brings a children choir together, this year coming from 9 primary school classes of Salin-de-Giraud, Les Alyscamps in Arles and Le Lion d’Or in Saint-Martin-de-Crau. From the beginning to the final concert, these 200 rookie singers bring out all the richness of Mediterranean music, along with artists that are known for the interpratation of these repertories. After Cie Rassegna and Chet Nuneta, it is Emmanuelle and her Trio ÂMAN’s turn to lead this beautiful musical journey.

Trained to lyrical singing and to various voice sides – jazz, opera, baroque, medieval repertories, etc. -, Emmanuelle Bunel surrounds herself with Mathias Autexier, a percussionist who makes his hands run onto the oriental drums – zarb, derbouka, riqq, daf, etc. – and with Sargam Marie-Dit-Asse oud and bouzouki player. All three form the Trio ÂMAN, that explores the diversity of Mediterranean basin music and browses upon different melodies, rythms and languages – french, spanish, sephardi, italian, turkish, hebrew, arabic, portuguese, etc.

Over the year, students navigate on the Mediterranean sea. As worthy musical sailors, they approach the contours, the geography, the cultures, the different languages, the harbors, the representations in mythology and collective memories. Each week, they repeat the tracks made by Trio ÂMAN with musicians coming from the Conservatoire, Anne-Sophie Chamayou and Julien Bellec : A preliminary work to the five artist meetings throughout the year – in October, December, January and Febuary, then later in March for a general rehearsal, before the great final concert during the festival Les Suds, in winter. An unique opportunity to meet each other on stage, just like pros !

[LE CHŒUR BATTANT] is a project co-directed by SUDS, à ARLES and by the conservatoire de musique du pays d’arles, with the support of the urban community Arles-crau-camargue-montagnette, the fondation daniel & nina carasso and the credit agricole alpes provence foundation, and in complicity with the primary schools of salin-de-giraud, les alyscamps in arles and le lion d’or in saint-martin-de-crau

Communauté d'Agglomération ACCM

Conservatoire de Musique du Pays d'Arles

Fondation Daniel & Nina Carasso

Fondation Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence