PAUL WAMO concert / 45 min

Saturday 2nd of march, 7:30 pm
Théâtre d’Arles. In the setting of the festival Arles se livre

A concert preceded by a restitution of  slam workshops leaded by PAUL WAMO nearby some 9th grade students from the COLLEGE AMPERE in Arles and speaking contests: students from primary school to middle school declaim on the theme of  freedom of expression.

Leader of slam in New Caledonia, kanak rythms and current tones define his style. Writer from here and elsewhere, committed poet at a playful revolt, his words strike the tradition,  crosses through oceans charged with explosive electro music or pushed by a sensual breath…
Here, associated with Christophe Isselee (guitar, choirs) and Ulrich Wolters (machines, keyboard, flute, saxophone, choirs), the artist coming from the biggest and most forgotten ocean of the world – already received in Les Suds’s festival, in Arles in July 2017-  talks to us about forgetfulness, about victories that rip off, that lodges within each and everyone of us, about love spoken with wide-opened mouths, about movements with neither end nor identity “face à face“.

Paul Wamo Taneisi was born in 1981 in New Caledonia. He grows up in the working-class district ofRivière salée, on the edge of Nouméa, within a family of 5 siblings. Touched by his uprooted condition, naturally introverted, he finds in writing a salutary form of expression. He writes his first texts in High-school alongside some rapper friends, then pursues his studies in languages and Regional Cultures at the New Caledonia University (Université de Nouvelle-Calédonie).  As a kanak Drehu language professor in Nouméa, he animates workshops to initiate the practice of slam and releases his first poem collection Le Pleurnicheur in 2006.  He chooses to entirely devote himself for his art, and associating music to his texts, publishes his first CD book entitled J' aime les mots in 2008. In 2011, he creates the show Shok ?! , mixing committed texts, traditional dancing (with the Wetr troup) and contemporary kanak (along with the Nyian company). In 2013, his solo perfomance EkoooO is presented in the Musée du Quai Branly in the framework of the exhibition Kanak, l'art est une parole. During this exhibition, with multiple artists, he participates in the album K Muzik, registering as a local slam leader. Appeared in 2014, his album Sol receives the award of Électro-Musiques Urbaines (Flèches de la Musique, 2016) and the award of Musiques d’Ici (Festival Villes des Musiques du monde, 2017). Iconic figure and unavoidable actor of the artistic scene in New-Caledonia, installed in Marseille since 2015, he participates to numerous artistic projects around writing and orality, he intercomes in the streets, as well as in schools and cultural manifestations of France and elsewhere, and especially through the Cultural Actions of Suds.

  “He claims his poetry with all his body, eructs his words, shouts and roars while hammering the ground.“ Le Monde

“The poet beats the rememberance of the tribes scattered on the world surface, his voice is the banner of a nation that is being built at every moment. Everything here moves, fits, aggregates and it is the word which gives consistency to chaos." France TV Info