Festival Les Suds, du 13 au 19 juillet 2015

The anthology




An Arlesian superproduction SUDS,
 in ARLES /world village


The Story...

On a beautiful summer evening, at the end of a concert of Toumani  Diabaté that the idea of collaboration between world village and Festival Les Suds sprouted. First clearing in September in order to make a CD...
May 30th 2012 : Official release of a CD-DVD box with 25 music bands and a booklet of 72 pages covered by Christian Lacroix! 

In the coming months, the idea has continued on its merry way, the project has been improved, meeting by meeting (highly accessible) between Pascal Bussy and Marie-José Justamond groups, both artistic directors, and, world village director and Les Suds director respectively, in Arles. 

Then a selection comes...
Between 1996 and 2010, there are some 96 music groups who came for a Moment Précieux, in the magnificient Cour de l'Archevêché or for a Création dans les Musées nearby... Becaucase technical issues, the "selection" was narrowed with digital recording, so we could only collect artist until 2003. And choose was very hard !  

Month after month, has resulted a tracklisting using everything that Moments Précieux have most unusual, including generous solo, original formation, touching or mighty voices, and surprising and "shifted" programations as a part of the Festival.

The evidence of the picture impoed itself because beyond the Cour de l'Archevêché and its magic, and beyond the risk to use the same background, this place is characterized with the personality of many artists, or maybe it's the opposite? Omar Sosa, with his weird stuff and magic formula, didn't he seem to surround the yard under a high yoruba protection? And what can be said about the impetuous Mônica Passos, didn't she bring her good humour during 2h30? Whereas our alpin Swiss people was beating the drums to additional exiled wild boar and stateless person. Soap bubbles from Pascals glided on this magical place for a long time, and the century-old chesnut-tree became Françoise Atlan 's companion... So many stories ! So many anecdotes ! So many adventures which are musical, artistic, and more than anything, human. Better to listen and remember these sounds than this Anthology can relate.


That's why we want to share these secrets with you, to give you in order to watch and listen. Crimped in a splendid case, these Moments Précieux are an invitation for a trip all around the world !


Thanks to our PARTNERS for making our work possible : the SACEM, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region, the SPPF, as well as reporters who were kind enough to testify in this booklet. Also our cultural partners, photographer, and François Algataz & Jérôme Musiani, sound and visual alchemists of this Anthology.




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> on l'Agence France Presse, by Christophe Cheynier
> on Télérama, by Anne Berthod
> on Le Nouvel Observateur, by Bernard Loupias
> on Mondomix, by Benjamin Minimum
> on Mediapart, by Vincent Truffy
> on Radio Nova, by Rémy Kolpa Kopoul
> on babelmed.net, by Nadia Khouri-Dagher
> on Trad Magazine, by Christian Valeix


CD - 12 titres

1/ Avshalom Farjun & Avi Agababa, Israël - Moment Précieux 2006
2/ Diego Amador, Andalousie - Moment Précieux 2007
3/ Gulçan Kaya, Turquie/Anatolie - Moment Précieux 2005
4/ Rajery, Madagascar - Moment Précieux 2009
5/ Angélique Ionatos, Grèce - Moment Précieux 2003
6/ Jorge Pardo, Espagne - Moment Précieux 2009
7/ Chin Na Na Poun, Provence/Languedoc - Moment Précieux 2004
8/ Samir & Wissam Joubran, Palestine - Récital Mahmoud Darwich 2008
9/ Françoise Atlan, Maroc/France & L'Ensemble Constantinople, Iran/Québec - Moment Précieux 2007
10/ 34 puñaladas, Argentine - Moment Précieux 2004
11/ Beñat Achiary & Guylaine Renaud, Pays Basque/Provence - Création dans les Musées 2010
12/ Wasifuddin Dagar, Inde - Moment Précieux 2007 


DVD - 13 titres

1/ Omar Sosa, Cuba - Moment Précieux 2006
2/ Pascals, Japon - Moment Précieux 2006
3/ Mayra Andrade, Cap Vert - Moment Précieux 2004
4/ Motion Trio, Pologne - Moment Précieux 2008
5/ Trio Passos-Ramos-Carneiro, Brésil - Moment Précieux 2007
6/ Stimmhorn, Suisse - Moment Précieux 2007
7/ Gong Linna, Chine - Moment Précieux 2008
8/ Lucilla Galeazzi, Italie - Moment Précieux 2005
9/ Claras Luces, Cuba - Moment Précieux 2005
10/ Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Ségal, Mali/France - Moment Précieux 2010
11/ A Filetta, Corse - Création dans les Musées 2007
12/ Houria Aïchi & L'Hijâz'Car, Algérie/France - Création dans les Musées 2008
13/ Rocio Marquez, Andalousie/Espagne - Théâtre Antique 2010

Générique de fin : Houria Aïchi & L'Hijâz'Car


Les partenaires des Suds