Festival Les Suds, du 13 au 19 juillet 2015

History of the Festival


With accents from all “les Suds”…

Drawing from world music all that is unique, and in the end, shared in common, this event at once festive and pedagogic, boasts a globalization independent of any dominant culture.

Here, the programming openly crosses aesthetics, musical traditions and the most recent movements, space and time, to promote cultural diversity and distinction.

Firmly rooted in a region naturally turned toward the Mediterranean and open to the world, les Suds offers a platform of departure from contemporary creation.

Fully assuming its southern roots, the compelling programme of this exceptional festival weaves a refined musical identity, within a setting that is no less amazing! Enlivening a unique architectural heritage, the most beautiful voices and sounds in the world- from the most famous to recent discoveries – are invited into the heart of this beautiful Provençale town that becomes, for seven days and six nights, a global city.

Beyond the prestigious evening concerts on the majestic stage of the Théâtre Antique, the sublime “Moments Précieux in the Cour de l’Archevêché and “Les Nuits des Forges” that electrify the former industrial wasteland of the Ateliers, each hour of the day yields its moment of grace. From 10:00 to 4:00 in the morning, “Ptits’déj de la Radio”, “Apéros-découvertes”, “Siestes Musicales”, “Salons de Musique”, “Scènes en Ville”, encounters with the artists, documentaries, workshops or master classes and other copious detours prolong a way of life characteristic of all les Suds.

Since 1996, the proliferation of ideas and diversity of emotions has been the trademark of this inevitable festival!


Les partenaires des Suds