Festival Les Suds, du 13 au 19 juillet 2015

The structure

SUDS, in Arles originally started in 1996, January.
Due to an initiative of aficionados and mediterranean culture professionnals, Suds have aims to affirm Mediterranean countries' identity, or , more broadly, SUDS ; promote and disseminate their cultures, expand their attractiveness, and contribute for their full recognition in the international and european area.

Through its music of the world festival organized in July, and today internationally recognized ; and  also by his actions on territory, SUDS aims to improve the cultural variety as defined by the UNESCO in the Universal Declaration from 2001 and adopted by all member states, specifically “it is the common heritage of humanity and should be recognized and affirmed for the benefit of present and future generations".
Indeed, although trade globalization tends to level out cultural and social reference, the discovery of the Other is a source of enrichment and acceptance of the differences about people, and this is necessary for the development of "it's better to live together".

In this way, in a friendly manner, but with a claimed artistic requirement, the Festival bring several opportunities to meet with artists from all over the world : some intimist, festive and majestic concerts in the magnificient architectural setting offered by the arlesian city ; as well training course for everyone and lot of time of full sensational and teaching sharing, far beyond a tight musical field.
Allow profileration for ideas, density and diversity for emotions, and share with as many people as possible, there are major endeavours of this event.
Furthermore, SUDS improve collaborations with others cultural, regional, national and international bodies, especially within three professional networks : Zone Franche, FAMDT, the Cultural Industries and Heritage Cluster, the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals and Poulpe Connexion, city's music festival grouping of the world in Provence.

Through her director, Marie-José Justamond, SUDS is also requested for juries (Prix de l'Océan Indien, National Center of Variety, Babel Med music), valuations, debates or courses for professionals of the sector, in France or abroad.
SUDS is also investing within Arles' Tourist Office, Pays d'Arles Development Council or Camargue Regional Park.

If the organisation of a festival every year during summer, just constitute the visible part and recognized of a more overall project which aims at leveraging cultural diversity from here and elsewhere, whe have chosen to strongly anchor this approach in the abundant reality of our territory.

Indeed, SUDS, in Arles, works for cultural action which is concerned about realities in the arlesian territory. Population of Camargue's history, youth of "low-class" district, and deep mediterranean indentities constitute a treasure which stand as the building blocks for the involvement of SUDS throughout the year.
This approach manifest itself by a democratic access and the discovery of artistic disciplines from here ans elsewhere. From October to July, almost 400 hours of workshops, courses, traineeships, and awareness-raising measures put public in touch with artist educator. More than 500 children, youths and adults participate enthusiastically in activities, and  by a movement from self to the other, build a live together aware of the diversity.

On occasion of the twentieth Festival from July 13 to 19, we've wished regroup under the appellation Deltas,  most of cultural actions on the arlesian area, with the common goal of an original creation to see and hear, proposed Tuesday, in July 14th, 2015, on occasion of the Nuit des Fleuves.
Between 2009 and 2013, boosted by the dynamic of Marseille Provence 2013 and Plan Rhône, Suds explored plenty of great rivers' deltaic cultures (Rhône, Guadalqivir, Pô, Nil et Danube) through the prism of music and their bonds maintained with deltas' specific ways of life. Aware of this dynamic established by this meaningful thematic for artistic creation, as Arlesian people concerned by our workshops along the year, we've wished that 2015 explore the Louisiana Mississippi Delta.

Deltas aims to keep presenting our great river like a place to promote and make it more relevant with other deltaic histories and cultures, and sometimes with a great similarity, to decline into several workshops along 2015 :
    -Brass Band New Orleans for wind instruments, with RAPHAËL IMBERT of Cie Nine     Spirit and DOMINIQUE ELDIN of Pays d'Arles Conservatory, with schoolboys of the     SEGPA section of the Morel secondary school.
    -Gospel Music and Negro Spirituals led by MARION RAMPAL from Cie Nine Spirit and     ELSA AUBERT, Pays d'Arles Conservatory teacher, for an adult audience mobilized by     social structure which work on Arlesian area in the context of 13 en partage.
    -Percussion instruments with LAURENT GIRAUD of Viagem Samba and LA QUADRA,     with an amateur music group and teenagers from young people's home of Mas de     Villevieille.
    -Urban dance with MIGUEL NOSIBOR for young people of the Trebon, Grifeuille, Mas-    Thibert village, Saint-Martin-de Crau, and Raphèle, with the support of social centres,     ADDAP 13 and young people's home of Mas du Villevielle.

The exceptionnal creation of July 14 gathered before a large audience, one hundred of amateur participants and artists in a Great Musical Parade led by Raphaël Imbert wandering along renovated quays, including the Great Public's Choir – Voice Flash Mob  led by Marion Rampal, sang with the audience during one moment on the lyrics of the song  Down By The Riverside, that the audience learned via our Facebook page !

Between April and June 2015, several meetings, such as Urban Culture Gala, the Via Rhona day in Mas-Thibert in the context of Camargue Festival, and a residency with all artists assigned with the Etang des Aulnes project, had allowed to repeat and present this exceptionnal creation !

With Arles' Central Jail, Suds has organized vocal or instrumental practice workshops, concerts and music room (interview/dialogue) with Edwy Plenel or Titi Robin, offering many opportunities of integration and cultural exchanges for prisoners.
During the Festival, with social support structures for disabled peoples, and people mobilised by town's social centres, Suds made up paths through the city on various free shows. With Culture du Coeur, chargeable concert tickets are also available.

A tight complicity with educator, social centres, training or insertion centres, school establishments and neighbourhood associations enable these cultural actions and consolidate territorial anchorage by which we love so much.

In 2016, it's the Protest-Songs' thematic, Song of hope and struggle which is developed, under the artistic direction the specialist of Italian song, Xavier Rebut, who regularly collaborate with the great Giovanna Marini.

Les partenaires des Suds