"Soirée Suds" - Roman Theater

Beautifully restored, with an exceptional beauty and acoustics, the Roman Theater has 2000 seats and an orchestra which welcomes 500 people who can dance under the starry vault, or get as close as possible to the artists. Each “Soirée Suds” offers two concerts sublimated by the magic of the venue... with musical formations of international renown, or in discovery in France and in Europe.


Mercredi 12 juillet à 21h30

She is the undisputed queen of the calypso for half a century, and has won this February 10th, a French « Victoire de la Musique » award with Far From Home, an album with three tracks signed by a certain Manu Chao! A prize she dedicates to her great-grandmother, a slave from French Guinea...

As legendary as the calypso, the popular Carribean Carnival music, this seven-year-old superstar enjoys an international recognition which recalls the formidable musical adventure of Cesaria Evora or Compay Segundo. With a voice full of vitality, she sings a music that calls for dance and denounces social injustices with an equally alert political conscience. Carried along by the warm rhythms of her island, this enchanting artist distills a joie de vivre... irresistible!



Blues rock from the desert

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