"Moment Précieux" - Courtyard of the Archbishop's palace

Between the Romanic abbey and the 17th Century palace, the Courtyard of the Archbishop’s palace welcomes concerts starring rare artists or unseen formations. With its 400 seats, it offers the ideal setting for these intimate, secular or sacred music.


Tuesday, July 11th - 7.30 p.m

An unusual performer, who sings an extreme flamenco... With onomatopoeias, contemporary poems, krautrock, and with energy taken in Enrique Morente's Omega, he literally pulverizes the partitions of the cante jondo!

Discovered here at the Roman Theater with Rocío Márquez in 2015, he particularly marked the last « Transmusicales » of Rennes...

You can also meet Niño de Elche in flamenco singing lessons!
And in concert with Israel Galván in the Court of Honor of the Palace of the Popes at the Festival d’Avignon.