"Soirée Suds" - Roman Theater

Beautifully restored, with an exceptional beauty and acoustics, the Roman Theater has 2000 seats and an orchestra which welcomes 500 people who can dance under the starry vault, or get as close as possible to the artists. Each “Soirée Suds” offers two concerts sublimated by the magic of the venue... with musical formations of international renown, or in discovery in France and in Europe.


The intense fervour of the two artists of this "Soirée Suds" provokes emotions and enchantment…


Thursday, July 13th - 9.30 p.m

This virtuoso of the sacred repertoire (inshad) is one of the greatest singers of Sufi mystical poems. His incantatory psalms, supported by a sublime masculine chorus that bursts into magnificent solos, harmonize with the bewitching rhythms of the instruments (percussion, daf, oud) and the infinite turns of the dervishes ... until the trance, intoxicating and dazzling!


Opening Act of the evening

Sílvia Pérez Cruz
Enchanting voice, magnetic presence

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