"Moment Précieux" - Courtyard of the Archbishop's palace

Between the Romanic abbey and the 17th Century palace, the Courtyard of the Archbishop’s palace welcomes concerts starring rare artists or unseen formations. With its 400 seats, it offers the ideal setting for these intimate, secular or sacred music.


Thursday, July 13th - 7.30 p.m

In co-production with the international “Festival d’Aix-en-Provence” of Lyric.

For this musical Udopia, the composer and oudist virtuoso Thimios Atzakas transcends the tradition of the modal music from Greece and from the Balkans, borrows from jazz and contemporary improvisation, to freely wander to a poetic sonorous reveri. It is superb!

You can also meet Thimios Atzakas during his oud master class!