Juan Manuel Cortés is the nephew of the famous guitarist Antonio Cortés. He is a gypsy percussionist who was formed at his uncle’s side in the purest flamenco tradition. His sense of rhythm, his speed of execution, the delicacy and subtlety of his understanding of the compás make him one of the most gifted artists of the young French generation. He is a passionate and recognized pedagogue, and gives to his courses a playful dimension that enables to untangle some of the peculiar mysteries of flamenco.

With simple exercises on the cajón, a wooden resonance box, this workshop proposes an approach of flamenco’s rhythmic, in order to acquire the fundamental bases. It is aimed at beginning percussionists, dancers, guitarists and singers who, in addition to the compás, want to acquire technical, theoretical and cultural knowledge on flamenco art.

Instrument supplied on request, when booking.

This workshop for beginners and medium level-players provides everybody some "rhythmic keys", to acquire the fundamental basis of the different flamenco compás. The joint study of the 3 sids of flamenco art (cante, baile, guitar) enables to deepen these basis and to accompany the dance and the singing with palmas (hand strikes).

These courses can come and complete flamenco dance courses.


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