Niño de Elche is a composer and an atypical singer. This multidisciplinary artist combines flamenco with performance, poetry, improvisation, minimalism, song d’auteur, rock or electro. Collaborating with unclassifiable artists, his personal projects intermingle with those of Pedro G. Romero, Antonio Orihuela, Isaías Griñolo, Juan Carlos Lerida, Belén Maya or Rocío Márquez. He is currently working on an anthology of cante flamenco.

Come hear Niño de Elche on stage during a Precious Moment in the Court of the Archbishop’s palace on Tuesday, July 11th at 7:30 pm; as well as with Israel Galván at the Festival d’Avignon.

Using a few flamenco cantes from the popular repertoire and through different listening and singing exercises, this workshop, which is accessible to anyone having a vocal practice, leads to a work on flamenco reinterpretation.

Modulate your voice, create loops, vibrations, delays... this is what proposes this workshop. The voice is considered as a second skin, as a tangible instrument through which the sound is a prerequisite to the manufacture of words and their meaning. Mouth slams, onomatopoeia, screams... experiment the innumerable sound possibilities enabled by your own voice!

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