Born in Colombia, she has danced salsa since her early childhood and she experiences an unheard-of pleasure in sharing tropical rhythms! She is passionate about pedagogy, and has created the first European School of Colombian salsa. At the Dance Center in Le Marais quarter in Paris, she transmits her own teaching method to beginners or to future salsa teachers.

A mix of boogaloo, mambo, cumbia, pachanga and traditional Colombian dances (mapalé, joropo), this dynamic dance is characterized by a complex legwork and syncopated body movements. Shoulder flexibility, hips swaying, accelerated movements of legs... discover the basic steps and movements of Colombian salsa!

Synonymous of cadence, elegance and subtlety, this dance originating in Colombia in the 17th century is the result of the melting pot of three cultures (slaves from Africa, Native Indians and Spanish settlers). Discover the basic steps and figures of traditional cumbia, and then modern cumbia which is danced in the whole Latin America, to the sound of drums, guazas, gaitas and flutes!

The objective of these courses is to learn how to dance alone and to acquire basic notions to re-use alone or in groups.

L’objectif de ces stages est d’apprendre à danser seul et d’acquérir les notions de base à réutiliser seul ou en groupe.

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