Trained in contemporary dance and ballet, he has collaborated with prestigious choreographers such as Monica Casadei, Emio Greco & Peter C. Scholten or Tom Dale. Since 2012, he teaches dance at Malta University in Italy and at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. In 2013, he joined the company Akram Khan on the shows iTMOi and Kaash, two excessively energetic and spectacular choreographies between contemporary western dance and inspirations from the Indian kathak.

Inspired Akram Khan’s work, this workshop accessible to intermediary, advanced and professional level dancers, proposes to explore the repertoire of Kaash and iTMOi, emblematic shows of the choreographer. Rhythm, silence, creation, destruction, cycles, speed, strength, freedom, will be some of the notions discussed.
Participants will then be able to explore their own creativity, through a developed consciousness of the bonds between the body and the mind.

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