Born in Algiers in a family of music lovers and artists, Dahmane Khalfa and his four brothers play the derbouka and different percussions. With their own style, at the root of major rhythmic innovations, the Khalfa siblings are a reference. Dahmane began his career with the National Orchestra of Algerian Radio Television. On the biggest stages in France and Europe, he was heard alongside great international artists: Khaled, Souad Massi, Idir, Steve Coleman, Renaud, Garcia-Fons... As for cinema, he has participated in several films’ soundtracks, such as Le Gone du Chaâba or La Mentale with Titi Robin. He teaches derbouka in Aulnay-sous-Bois and in Paris, and has created a CD-method presenting in a simple way the rhythms of the Maghreb and the East.

With the Ensemble Amedyez, he will accompany Amel Brahim-Djelloul during a Precious Moment in the Court of the Archbishop’s Palace, on Wednesday, July 12th at 7:30 pm.

Through a deep practice of the derbouka, the daf and the bendir, this workshop explores the world of Maghrebian and Oriental rhythms: berouali or chaâbi moroccan, alaoui, baladi, saadi, samai taqil... Relying on its renowned method of derbouka, Dahmane Khalfa proposes an approach of the basic rhythms and their variations. The very own sonority of each instrument will be taken up, as the ensemble’s polyrhythmia.

Open for derbouka, daf and bendir players.

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