Among the pioneers trained in the Feldenkrais method in Europe, this practitioner who graduated in 1988, intervenes with many dance professionals (Choreographic Centers of Tours and Montpellier), circus professionals (Balthazar School) and with students in Dramatic Art. She also works with musicians and singers, especially from the National Orchestra of Montpellier, where she lives. The diversity of her history and experiences gives the collective courses she presents for all audiences, a lively, dynamic and open approach of the method.

This method of awareness-raising by the movement, elaborated by Moshe Feldenkrais, enables to refine body's perception
. It aims to improve the quality of movements, by exploring the process of learning and savoir-faire through fluid gestures, most often made smoothly on the ground.
Improving your motor skills, you will discover that the awakening of body sensitivity also enables a highly creative expression...

Needing no prior practice, this method is for all those who wish to re-establish contact with their body in a benevolent way.

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