A virtuoso of the guitar coming from South Africa, an inspired interpreter and a talented composer, he has developed a method to transcribe the repertoire of kora’s great masters, a 21-string harp-lute from West Africa... A real technical prowess!
Drawing on Montessori pedagogy, on Alexander technique and on African oral traditions, he has created a range of tools for a repertoire from Toumani Diabaté to Ballaké Sissoko and Ali Farka Touré.

Come hear Derek Gripper on stage during a Scène en Ville at l'Enclos Saint-Césaire.

Open to all guitarists, this course will enable participants to familiarize themselves with the African scales, rhythms and kumbengos (kora’s riffs), based on the tablatures written by Derek Gripper.
The adaptation of works, such as Jarabi, will be done according to a specific tuning requiring a capodaster. The developed techniques will enable advanced guitarists to perfect themselves and offer a perfect initiation for beginners. Let yourself be carried away by the sound of the kora... straight out of your guitar!

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