Animating workshop in Les Suds,àArles for several years, this renowned pedagogue, choir conductor and opera singer, trained particularly by Martina A. Catella, Lucilla Galeazzi, Évelyne Girardon or Manu Théron, is acclaimed for his original approach of popular music.
"Luthier des voix", he accompanies polyphonic groups such as La Mal Coiffée, Du Bartàs, La Roquette...

This course is for all those, singers, instrumentalists, actors, choir conductors or teachers, who are to transmit popular songs to various audiences, and who seek tools to organize and improve their transmission method.
How to document a song, with which musical language (fashion, ornamentation, harmonization...)?
What warm-up elements and adapted vocal techniques to propose?
How to guide a session (pedagogical goals, rhythm, proceedings, adaptation and reactivity...)?

Each trainee will conduct a transmission moment with a choir formed for the occasion, at the end of each session!

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