After studying at the Tokyo University of Arts, very keen on French culture, Akiko Murayama pursues her studies at the Beaux-Arts School of Versailles. Being passionate about engraving and modeling, she received the Paul-Louis Weller Award from the Beaux-Arts Academy of Paris.
In the South of France, she discovers the joy provided by the contact with nature, and there, she fully dedicates herself to Japanese calligraphy. From then on, she takes part in various cultural events, collaborates in the publishing of artists' books and leads calligraphy workshops.

Following the wise advice of Akiko Murayama, by drawing simple and characteristic lines, learn how to handle the brush, how to position your body in balance with your head, and be within reach of the essence of Japanese calligraphy that the monk and calligrapher Kukai was already summarizing in the 9th Century: "... This gesture is neither premeditated nor reflective, it is concentrated and condensed. It is not just about writing well, it is about not hesitating. "

A session of this course is dedicated to the production of your 100% Japanese, washi, sheet paper, natural and local! Bruno and Stéphanie from the Atelier Papetier craftshop, will introduce you to this ancestral Japanese technique, now endangered...

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