Born in 2005, Fanfaraï innovates in the interpretation of popular music from the Maghreb by introducing brass, woodwind, and a soubassophone! Their festive répertoire, tinted with Latin influences, jazz, Afro-Cuban or Gypsy music, is also full of personal compositions. After having played for a long time on the street, the musicians of this atypical and cosmopolitan formation have ignited the scenes of more than 17 countries across the world, in the space of a few years. In 2013, they have been noticed in Les Suds,à Arles, during the opening act of Goran Bregovic’s concert, on the stage of the Antique Theatre.

Maghreb’s music is wonderfully adapted to brass bands’ repertoire... And if you need any more convincing, Samir Inal (percussion), Mehdi Chaib (saxophone, percussion) and Patrick Touvet (trumpet, arrangements) will quickly prove it to you! Within a percussions, brass and woodwing band, this course offers an introduction to melodies and rhythms of the Arab-Andalusian repertoire, as well as the Raï, Kabyle, Gnawa from Algeria (Diwane) and Arabo-Berber ones. Time will be shared between practice per instruments’ group and collective practice, in order to develop an ensemble.

Open to derbuka, bendir, karkabou, tar, trumpet, flute, tuba, clarinet, tuba bass, accordion, violin players...

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