Gérard Kurkdjian is passionate about the world’s musics and spiritualities; he leads a musician and producer career. He was the founder and the artistic director of numerous festivals including Yerevan World Music Festival in Armenia and the Fez sacred music of the world Festival, in Morocco. Convinced that musics are a powerful vector of communication between traditions and cultures, he has developed a global reflection on the relationship between music and the sacred.
He has just published The Great Book of Sacred Musics of the World.

If all the religions of the world have used music to guide their believers towards a greater faith, many testimonies report internal experiences outside these traditional ways, and presenting strong similarities with religious spiritual states. It is in this a-religious setting that you will explore every day a form of meditation, based on various repertoires: sacred music of Hinduism and Buddhism, Gregorian chant, sacred polyphonies of the Renaissance, modal jazz and contemporary music… A spiritual practice which is not anchored in any confession or pre-established belief.

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