Buryatia, a republic of Russia on the shores of Lake Baikal, in Northern Mongolia, counts today Alexandre Arkhintcheev among its best overtone singers. In 2009, at the end of his studies in Ulan-Ude Conservatory, he specializes in moriin khuur (traditional Mongolian cello) and composition. Winner of various international competitions in Mongolia, Russia and the United States, he is beginning a series of European tours. 
Undeniable master of the overtone singing, founder of the group Shono, he arranges and interprets recitals and tales of his native country, as well as he makes the traditional Buryat and Mongolian instruments vibrate.

Come hear Alexandre Arkhintcheev and his duet SHONO, during a Stage in the City at the Saint-Césaire Enclosure (date to be specified).

« Those who practice it produce several vocal sounds at the same time, overlaying a melodic whistle and a bumblebee rising from the bottom of the bowels.  »
Anne Berthod / Télérama.

Through a series of warm-ups, of mouth-fitness exercises or a breath work, this workshop invites inexperienced and initiated people to discover or to deepen their knowledge of this singing, listed since 2010 as UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. From the low register harhira to the High register eskheree, close to the whistle, or the medium register hoomei, dare to explore the depths of your voice!

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