Laurent Rigaud, a percussionist and a passionate pedagogue, travels to the source of the music that inspires him. After a first stay in Brazil in 1992, he founded Viagem Samba and his Afro-Brazilian percussions school. Since then, he has accompanied artists such as Guy do Cavaco, Paulo Da Luz, Dobet Gnahoré or Blick Bassy.

Verioca composes and performs popular Brazilian music (bossa nova, choro, or samba) with great talent, in various formations since 1983. She sings and plays the cavaquinho (4-string guitar) and street percussions (pandeiro...) in Samba’s batucadas or baterias.

Hosted several times at the Festival, both of them are recognized and appreciated pedagogues.

Samba of raiz
(samba’s roots), a popular and traditional music, initially meant a feast between friends, where all cariocas’ generations gathered to sing and play a vast repertoire of Brazilian music. Firstly, you will discover this form of samba played with small percussions (pandeiro, tantan, rebolo, maõ repica, recoreco...) and traditional Rio’s songs (pronunciation, voice placement and back vocals). Then, the workshop will make way for batucada’s rhythm with a large instrumentarium (surdo, cortador, caixa, chapigne, agogo, repique, tambourim).

Instruments supplied.

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