Inspired by the wealth of his native city, Arles - city imbued with art and history - this cook is driven by a deep desire to preserve Provencal cuisine and culture. Keen on ancient history and archaeological excavations, he has carried out some research on the origins and development of our regional cuisine. He has managed to identify and exhume nearly a thousand recipes from the Mediterranean world, from antiquity to the 19th Century... With the association he created, « Cuisine and Tradition », he has kept these traditional recipes alive. Transmit his rich know-how is another of his passions!

This workshop takes place in the typical kitchen of an old Arlésienne house, where one enters straight to the past and at the heart of the Chef’s personality!
Starter, dish, dessert… come and feel, chop, knead, simmer, observe, and enjoy a full meal at the Chef’s table, in a friendly atmosphere, as we do in our South!

Saturday, the day will begin with a stroll on the market of Arles (the biggest of the country!), in order to find fresh products and seasonal tips to cook while you’re at it!

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