Born in Guadeloupe, he joined at the age of 4 years the choir of the Adventist Church headed by his father. At the age of 20, he left for Paris to perfect its musical culture. With a musicology degree, he created Gospel Voices, which quickly became inmissable in the gospel community and beyond, collaborating with Liz McComb, Rhoda Scott, Johnny Halliday, Nicoletta...
Artistic and pedagogical director, he is also the founder of the choir ‘Gospel for 100 Voices’, created in 1998, for the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery. In 2014, he celebrated his 25-year career on the Olympia’s stage!

Through Max Zita’s rich repertoire, this course enables you to acquire vocal, melodic, rhythmic and basic gestures techniques, paying attention to your own voice and the group’s accuracy and energy. From negro spiritual, with classics such as Joshua fit the battle of Jericho, to modern gospel as Lovely Day, by Bill Withers, by way of soul gospel, let yourself be carried away by the joy of gospel!

 Workshop accompanied by a pianist.

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