Clotilde Rullaud is a singer-songwriter and a composer, but also a pedagogue trained in classical singing, vocal jazz and the vocal method of Martina A. Catella, an ethnomusicologist, fellow singer of the Festival. At her side, Clotilde Rullaud has multiplied the artistic and human adventures, which have enriched her voice, her inspiration and her transmission. From gospel to gypsy music, from jazz to African music, this singer is animated, when she is on stage as as well as when teaching, by an essential conviction: "Singing is contributing to the happiness of the world".

Associating techniques and games with world’s beautiful repertoires, this workshop proposes an original approach of polyphony. Coming from cultural regions focused on support or resonance body areas, the repertoires borrow from the Inuit the work on the diaphragm, from Asia the harmonics of the cranium, or from the Gypsies facial harmonics... and offer the participants a true reappropriation of their body-instrument!
Discover how much your unique and universal voice holds sound wealth... before channeling it into a distinctive style, yours!

You will work with the iPad application 'Sing the World', imagined by Martina A. Catella, to "discover one's voice, the world, its cultures, its languages through singing".

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