Trained in osteopathy, his interest in psychology, in the symbolic of the body and its pathologies, has led him to look into the complexity of the Being on physical, energetic and emotional levels. He also studied martial arts and their philosophy (Aikido, Tai Chi...). Today, he practices and teaches kundalini yoga, in scheduled collective courses or during training sessions. Moreover, he is a musician, and bases his approach on a search for "un-ordinary conscious states " and the energetic feeling, wondering about the resonances between the body and music.

This course is above all else a trip through the discovery of oneself. Exercises (postures and respiration, breath and movements) will be supported by a world music repertoire, selected among the numerous artists invited in the Festival.
If it is supposed to go more and more intense as the week passes, the program will adapt to the daily needs of each participant and of the group. With a sensitive listening of the body and of the conscience, this course enables each student to access to a better knowledge of themselves while developing a new relationship to the others, and to the world!

One of the session will be accompanied by musician programmed at the Festival.

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