Soirée Suds - Théâtre Antique

Of a beauty and an exceptional accoustic, the Théâtre Antique welcome international artists or emergent artists in France and in Europe. Every Soirée Suds offer two concerts sublimate by the magic of the places... 

En soutien à SOS Méditerranée  A Soirée Suds in support of SOS Méditérranée actions. 

Gaël Faye . BURUNDI-RWANDA-FRANCE / 90 min.

17th July at 9:30

Arrived at 13 years old in France with rhymes, joy and tears, this songwriter, rappeur franco-rwandais seduce the criticism as a million of readers in 2016 with Petit Pays, an inspired book of his childhood to Burundi completed with the civil war and the Rwanda genocide, wonderfully adapted to cinema by Eric Barbier.
Two albums later, it is still with a chosen eloquence that his rap denounces lost illusions, slay the narrow vision of a black and white world, twist our mental prison bars and makes himself the herald of obediently silent lives.
Fighter or lover, he invites to stand up to dream.... And his weapon stay this luminous and chiseled flow, on melodies of a Africans and Caribbean inspiration, soul and blues, electro and urban. To absolutely discover !

© Victor Pattyn 

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