Soirée Suds - Théâtre Antique

Of a beauty and an exceptional accoustic, the Théâtre Antique welcome international artists or emergent artists in France and in Europe. Every Soirée Suds offer two concerts sublimate by the magic of the places... 

En soutien à SOS Méditerranée  A Soirée Suds in support of SOS Méditerranée actions. 

Oum & M-Carlos . Morocco-Cuba-France / 60min.

17th July at 9:30 pm 

Creation at the Institut of arabic world in paris

In a remarquable balanced, the bewitching threnody arabic of Oum El Ghaït Ben Essahraoui mix to saxophone and to electro pulsations of the cubain Carlos Mejias to create an atmospheric music. 
On stage, they improvised based to feelings unanimely traversé through the global sanitary crisis : fear of the unknown, confusion, acceptation, onirism, hope, impatience or patience and euphoria. Seven sung states in darija, the moroccan dialectal Arabic, and declains on the mood of the moment... which should not fail to make you gain another state : that of the sweet psychedelic tance !

© DR

Gaël Faye

Second part of the evening 


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