Les Soirées Suds - Théâtre Antique

Of a beauty and an exceptional accoustic, the Théâtre Antique welcome international artists or emergent artists in France and in Europe. Every Soirée Suds offer two concerts sublimate by the magic of the places... 

Oumou Sangaré acoustique . Mali / 90 min.

 15th July at 9:30 PM

Sacem world music grand prize 2020

 After 30 years of internationales tours, one Grammy Award, prestigious prices and a long musical break which led her to a business woman carrier with a flourishing success, the africain music diva reconnect with accoustic song. With a vital strength and an intact determination she follows her fight for the women emancipacion.
Shimmering look, birght smile, as free as transgressive, she carries traditions that she wants to be respectfull of humanistes values. 
Diva of the voiceless and majestic icon, here simply supportes by choirs, a guitar and a n'goni in accoustic, she reconnects with dancing rhythms and haunting melodies of the wassoulou tradition to enchant an as ancestrale as contemporary Africa !

© Benoit Peverelli

Leyla McCalla

First part of the evening


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