After the discovery of the traditionals tools in particularly the reed (calame in arabic), the trainees could initiate to the arabic alphabet, to a few calligraphy styles : the Koufi, the Diwani or the Maghreb, then practice others technics with the help of the Japanese pen (Parallel Pen), britains pens (Automatic Pen) or ”Marie Louise” bevelled edge cardboard. A variety of vegetals inks will be used, from pomegranate, cabbage or gall nut peel.
Around textes of Our Kaltoum, Fairouz, Khalil Gibran or even Songs of the East, the workshop will go to a more artistic  aspect, giving free rein to the creativity to the trainees who can come with textes and poems of their choices.
The work realized will do the subject of a collective exhibition at the end of the workshop.

To Use the calamus to calligraphe
To learn how to use several traditional tools
To discover differents styles of calligraphy : khoufi, dizain, maghrébins
To create one personal calligraphic work

Initiation to the use of calamus and other traditional tools
Initiation to the arabic alphabet
To discover three styles of calligraphy : Koufi, Diwani and Maghrebi
To explore a variety of vegetables inks
Free creations inspired of textes, poems or songs of the East


Long time partner of Les Suds, à Arles, he transmits his passion for the arabic calligraphy to a numerous festival-goers, happy to meet them again this summer. In love with the beautiful letters, passionated by the oral literature and the traditional music, this Franco-Moroccan calligrapher is initiated since his childhood to the traditional calligraphy of his country. Based in France since almost 50 years this plastic arts trainer teaches with patience and generosity this art which combines colors, words, pure gesture to put down on paper all the wealth of poems, songs taken from the Morocco and Arabe literary and musical repertoire.

 AnD ALSo...

Complete your learning with one of the Méditations sonores internship.

This internship will participate to the public exhibition of the end of the internship 17th Saturday 2021.

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