Without prior knowledge in cante flamenco, this Master Class is opened to everyone and will be dedicated to the discovery of multiple style of flamenco (palos) as well as fandango, solea, tango ou buleria. A listening of the greatest flamenco performers and a study of each palo rhythm  will allow the participants to initiate themselves to the vocal technique. Thanks to the palmas (natural percussions of hand clapping) the participants will learn to adjust to this singing which expresses every shade of emotion !

Goals :
To discover or deepen flamenco culture
To develop the flamenco repertory because of the studied palos
To practice the palmas
To experience earing’s work out (to learn about pulsation and rhythm)
To work on the individual and collective flamenco practice
To increase your knowledge on vocal and rhythmic
To learn about flamenco improvisation
To work on the spanish language

Vocal warm up
Earing work out
Imitation practice
Discovery of the flamenco repertory
To learn about vocal songs : intonation, be in tune, timbre and style
Individual and collective practice


For this young cantaora from Toulouse, music is a family thing. She started her flamenco training very young under the double infleunce of her mother the gypsy singer Mona Arena and of her father the spanish musician Vicente Pradal . By their side she embraced a career on stage, first as a back up singer then as a solo artist in the Vendra de noche recital and among the family trio Herencia with her brother the piano prodigy Rafael Pradal. The solidity of her vocal technique , the maturity of her voice and the force of her personality, wild and spirited,  brings her to collaborate with famed jazzmen (Jean-Marc Padovani, Pierre Bertrand, Minino Garay) and to participate to hip-pop projects (Al’Tarba, La Gale), electro (La Dame Blanche, Baja Frequencia) or even ragga-dancehall (label Chinese Man Records). Her first single Rabia (the Newt, 2018) demostrates the diversity of her universes.

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