This Master Class will be the occasion to experiment the orignal approach of the method « My voice into the world’s singing » by Martina A. Catella, working on the resonance of body areas, and get to know about cultural régions that favor these techniques. The repertories approached will borrow from the Inuits (work on the diaphragma), from Asia (skull’s harmonics), from the Gypsys (facial’s harmonics), etc. In consequence while staying focus on the collective and the polyphony, everyone will develop a true path of re-appropriation of the « body instrument », essential to the expression of one’s singing and speaking.

Goals :
To discover how to grasp the « sing the world » method developed by Martina A. Catella
To exercice specific vocal techniques through repertories from differents world’s areas
To learn about intonation and the rightfulness of the voice’s timbre and of the style
To work on the earing (learn about the pulsation and the rhythm)
To work on the collective and individual practice
To experiment on the polyphony
To increase your rhythmic knowledge

Experiment the « singing the world » working method
Body and vocal warm up
Learn about intonation and the rightfulness of the voice’s timbre and of the style
Work on the earing
Individual and colletive practice

Clotilde Rullaud

Singer-improviser, flute player and teller, she is a great pedagogue trained with the Martina A. Catella method and certified with the « Vocal Power » method of the american teacher Elisabeth Howard. Also sensitive to the Tomatis method and trained to lyric and vocal jazz she multiplies the human and artistic adventures that can emplifly her voice, inspiration and transmission. From gospel to gypsy music, influenced by jazz and other music of the world, this singer who « evokes Nina Simone » (Jazz Magazine) is animated on stage like in her teaching by a powerful conviction : « To sing is to contribute to the world’s happiness »

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