Sing the words, say the songs
Relying on her long and sound experience on Greek poetic songs and other vocal style in different languages, Katerina Fotinaki encourages you to dive into the vowel ans consonant sonorities by breaking away from the words meaning and their translation. From a a repertory mostly issued from the Greek vocal cultures, popular or scholar, you will explore the rhythm and the melodic intonations of the lyrics. In a known or unknown language, discover the poetry that arises from the very verb music.

Goals :
To articulate better and to feel and sing better the sounds of word or sentence while keeping the légato’s idea.
To sing a singing from another culture (Greek) by discovering the language musicality

Content :
Discovery of the Greek poetry and of a repertory of popular and scholar songs
Exercices on words, verbs, vowels and consonants by pulling away from their true sense and their traduction.
Body and vocal warm up
Imitation practice
Songs Learning : intonation, be in tune, voice timbre an style

Katerina Fotinaki

Graduated with a diploma in Classic Letters from the University of Athens, she trained her voice along the baritone Spyros Sakkas. Invited in 2006 by Angelique Iionatos to accompany her during the following of her show Sappho of Mytilène. She joins on her many tours and then settles in Paris where they recorded an album in featuring called Comme un jardin la nuit (Like a garden by night). She completes her training in France at the Conservatiry of Gennevilliers (analyse, wriiting, composition, lyrical singing) and at Paris 8 University where she gets her Master in Musicology Research. Her fisrt single, Tzitzikia (Alternated-chords-Harmonia Mundi, 2014) is received with enthusiasm Invited in 2015 to teach at Thessalonique’s National Theatre School of Drama, she is since often sought to teach rhythmic, singing, diction and stage performance techniques to musicians and comedians, professional or amator, in France or in Greece.

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