Auresian singings
In the Berber mountains, at Sahara’s doorstep, the women often gather to sing collective singings. Love songs or qasidas of mystic inspiration including dancing melodies or frienzied rahabia. This Master Class offers to discover a few chosen songs of this repertory which is passed down from one génération to the next in the Aures region. Like it was the case for the dance, a few bendir will be made available, Maghrebian drums and central element to the Auresian rhythmic  will ease your understanding of the singing structure that can look difficult at fist sight.

Goals :
To understand the Auresian singing structure
To compose and use a repertory of traditional singing
To know and give a right interpretation of at leat one song
To understand the link between the instrument (bendir) and the voice

Content :
Listening of Auresian songs
Discovery of the bendir
Vocal warm up
Earing work out
Learn new songs (accuracy and style)
Stage plays : light lesson of the dance at the centre

Houria Aïchi

Born in Batna in the Aures region, Houria Aichi sings the Algeria. Trained to be a sociologist she collects like a anthropologist would the traditional singings of her country to later perform them all over the world. From war songs to mystic singings, her voice seduces and touches for its musicality as well as for its history. She recorded four albums since 1990 in tribution to the Algerian woman while contributing to popularize the authencity of the Aures sang poetry. Faithful to her roots with a strong passion she conveys the beauty as well as the symbolic of a significant repertory which always give inspiration.
« From the Metarranean sea to the Sahara desert, from the Aures region to the Kabylia area, Houria establishs hence, with strengh and peace, an image of the Algerian woman, pride and beautiful. » the Inrocks

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