Singing of the world and body percussions
This Master Class is opened to everyone and offers to discover, explore and deepen your body musicality. After learning about a repertory of world singings and of their melodic and rhythmic special features along with a series of games around body percussions and rhythm, you will develop your improvisation skills  and accompanies the other participants, alone or in group.

To have a global approach on body percussions
To understand the different rhythmic of the prior viewed singings and be able to associate it with body fashion
To acquire an autonomy and an ease toward the comprehension of melodies and other culture rhythms
To discover your own body musicality to be free to improvise alone or in group

Content :
Concentration exercices, listening and awareness upon group work
Exploration of the timbres and rhythms in vocal and body percussions
Perception of the relations between singing and body movement
Set up of the singing and of their specific rhythms
Work on variations and improvisations on the songs offrered

Sandrine Monlezun

She discovered thanks to her classic formation (Radio France Master) the music of the world as a teenager and becomes passionate with Iranian singing, Portuguese fado and Balkan music. To complete her Master’s degree in ethno-musicology she settles in Sofia and enjoys the teaching of the greatest Bulgarian voices (Yanka Rupkina, The Bugarian voices mystery) as well as Serbian (Svetlana Spajic). Back in France she interprets the Balkan region repertory in formations like Tzane Trio or Electrik Gem. Influenced by numerous travel to Morocco, India, Spain and Japan she composes her first album in 2013. Then, facinated by the body percussion that she discovered in Brazil with Pedro Consorte and Zuza Gonçalves. She creates in 2015 the Mamacitas Trio along Lilian Akemi and Marie Villalobo. The Trio performs in metropolitan France then in Corse and in La Réunion. Her second album was released in spring 2019.

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