It is from a show of a traditional stealth round improvised by a goup of men in Istanbul that Christian Rizzo found the inspiration for D’après une histoire vraie (From a True Story). Looking for a feeling of immediate empathy that the souvenir left him, he imagines a space where the movement and its relation to the music play with the « popular » and « contemporary » categories. He starts from traditional practices especially masculine and mediteranean. And adds to it his specificities, such as the fall or the touch of the body that allows everyone tostand thanks to the présence of the other. From an extract of the play, you will see the unisson as a sensible way to be together. After a preparation time which includes massages and meditation, you will explore improvisation techniques and instant composition in which the singuliarity of each make the richness of the group.

Goals :
To know the techniques of body falling, touching and immediate contact
To dance on a basic choreography leaned jointly
To put in motion its own personality
To be able to compose a group dynamic

Body warm up
Meditation and massage exercices
Imatation practice in group
Work on how to fall
Permanent contact exercise with the other, by the meant of the hands in particular
Improvisation techniques and instant composition

Massimo Fusco

At the Superior National Music and Dance Conservatory of Paris he attends contemporary, improvisation, composition, anatomy, music and dance history classes. Alternately interpreter for Jean-Claude Gallota, Annabelle Bonneryand François Deneulin, Hervé Robbe or Joanne Leighton, he is also involved in diverse choreographic projects like the last creation of Christian Rizzo, D’après une histoire vraie (From a True Story). Holder of a Dance Education diploma and of an university degree in Art, Dance and Performance, this dancer-interpretor, improviser and creator sharpens his transmissive tools through multiple pedagogic workshops. Research and experimentation  are given a particular attention. He proposes here to go through Christian Rizzo’s writting and will also rely on his experience with Gisèle Vienne in Crowd where the uniquness of each create the group richness.

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