« Draw a circle, varied the step, those characteristic elements of popular dances go through every cultures and are within our reach to now create your own group dance. Through this Master Class we will play to collectively compose dances from what draws our inspiration : a particular rhythm, an alternative song, a drawing in the space, an emotion, a preexisting dance step…  In consequence everybody will have the opportunity to experience his own creativity, to produce simple movement to share with the group and have the pleasure to practice together the dances that will have been choreographed. » Simon Bailly

To discover the joy of dancing together
To experiment your creativity through the movement
To know the fundamental elements of the popular dances and play with it
To choreograph overall movement
To explore the relationship between the dance and the live music

Content :
Warm up
Learning of basic elements in popular dances
Stage play and group games : improvisation, creation and unity
Creation of one or several group choreographies

Simon Bailly

Choreographer, contemporary dancer and lyric singer, he started his dance training at the National Superior Dance and Music conservatory of Lyon, then spend his musical training at the Baroque Musical Centre of Versaille. He is also the helder of a state diploma in Contemporary Dance Education. As interpretor he collaborated with Jean-Claude Gallotta, Catherine Dreyfus, Capucine Goust and Hervé Niquet. In November 2016 he founded in Arles the Bailly&Cie company which allowed him to developed his own choreographic fashion. He became passionate with all forms of popular dances and got involved in multiple initiatives to give life to collective dance experiences.

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