A sensorial and funny travel to awake children to world's musics and dances wich surrond them !


At each stage of their development, children discover and reveal particular sensitivities, skills and motor skills. Through the exploration of the world's musics and their wealthness, this workshop propose a ludic and pedagogic approach, a sensorial and funny travel to awake children to the world's musics and dances which surround them. The children are grouped by age group in two distincts spaces of a same place and alterne 1h of musical awakening and 1h of corporal awakening, before meeting together at the end of the week around a commun session.
The musical awakening sensitize children to world's sounds and rhythmes. They develop their listening skills (melodies, percussions, instruments..), the perception of space around them, sharing and living together (choirs, rhythmic and melodic games...), as well as the discovery of their voice and the pleasure of singing. 
The corporal awakening involves their body in motion, based on tales of the world. By repeating simples sequences, children achieve a better coordination of their gestures (support work, of weigt, of energy...), et appropiate space in a close relationship to the other. It is the occasion to solicit their fantasy to give way to free expression, individual and collective creativity !


  • Grouped by age group, children alternate each morning between a song/instrument and dance workshop... before to get together the last day to share their discoveries of the week and why not... collectivelly create !
  • Every day, the Siestes Musicales at 2:30pm and the Scènes en Ville at 5:30pm, are concert suitable to a family audience, to be shared together, parents and children.


Holder of the Diploma of Musical Studies (DEM) and the University Diploma of Intervening Musician (DUMI), she teaches the violin, music theory and leads many singing workshops for the audience at the Conservatoire de Musique du Pays d'Arles. She comes each year near participating schools to Choeur Battant, children' choirs initiated in 2017 by the Conservatoire de Musique and SUDS, à ARLES. 


Holder of the Aptitude Certificate of the French Dance Federation and exempt from State Diploma, she teaches and choreographs for the Atelier Saugrenu that she founded at Arles in 1982. Her dance school creates her values on a pedagogic project struturated and exigent, which allows to everyone, whatever is level, to 4 at adult age, to express their creativity and develop their own personnality within the group. By promoting the development of the mutal aid strategies and the construction of collective intelligence, the child discovers and explores his body through the movement, listening to himself and others. 

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The big brothers and sisters can register, at half-day or at the day, at Môm'en Musique workshop

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© Florent Gardin

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