This class is open to every percussionist, singer, melodious instrumentalist (trompet, saxophone, clarinet…) or accompaniment/support instrumentalist (piano, tuba, souba, drums, derbouka, bendir…), with a regular musical practice. Spread by music stand, this is from a selection that will be given to you in advance that you will inforce your technique while also experiencing the rhythmic system and ornamentation specific to Turkish, Balkan and Oriental music. Then it is time to enjoy the great pleasure that comes with playing together !

Goals :
To use a Turkish, Balkan and Oriental repertory
To play within a multi-instrumental formation

Warm up
The study and practice of a given repertory
The study of rhythmic systems and ornementations linked to Turkish, Balkans and Oriental music.
Formation in two times : group practice (horns/percussions) followed by a collective practice.

Haïdouti Orkestar

With Sylvain Dupuis (percussions) and Martin Saccardy (horns).
The whole audience of the Antique Theater was carried away during the last edition of the festival by the infectious energy of this Balkans brass band-orchestra who shared the stage with Ibrahim Maalouf. Founded in a Parisian area in 2004 by the drummer-percussionist and ethno-musicologist Sylvain Dupuis, the brass band-orchestra gathers 18 musicians from multiple nationalities : French, Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish, Gypsy of Serbia around the shared will to built bridges between Turkish and Balkan music. Dipping into the Azeris, Kurdish, Syrian-Lebanese and Armenian repertories, his writting offers an interbreeding of tradition and modernity between the eastern and western world … And if sometimes the frontiers are insurmountable walls, we can have confidence in the Haidouti musicians to abolish them with joy.

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