The feria typical flamenco is now accessible to everyone ! Perfect exemple of a festive dance, the Sevillan doesn’t need a great technique of the zapateado- rhythmic techniques of ground strikes-. It is within the reach of anyone, for a first initiation as well as to reconnect with the joys of this art. The training goes through mimetic in a relaxed atmosphere and in the respect of the art traditions.

Solea por buleria 

 At the crossroads between the dramatic meanders of soléa and the boiling frenzy of the buleria, this technical palo mix energy with sensitivity. On the agenda of this beginner and intermediate level course : the technique, because the zapateado and the cuerpo are the expression of the bailaor intentions ; the listening because flamenco is in a first place a rhythmic exchange between dancers and musicians ; style and character to perform an ancestral but still current flamenco.

Buleria fin de fiesta

A mendatory step to dive into the flamenco universe ! El fin de fiesta is  a space where people overcome their fear of « joining the circle » and can experiment their own true bailaor.a nature. In a comfortable atmosphere, the trainees of intermediate and advanced level get to work on the rhythmic (compas) and body codes of the buleria fin de fiesta, on the communication between the dancer and the musician till the improvisation.

Goals :
To soak in the flamenca culture : the intention, attitude, palo’s history, singing origin
To acquire and master the compas (palmas, listening), zapateado and cuerpo techniques
To be able to improvise
To know to transmit emotion
To study and demonstrate a choreography

Content :
Body warm up
Earring practice : rhythm training
Training to one or many choreography : steps, accuracy, movement
Imitation practice
Stage games : body anchor and communication training


Native to Camargue, La Fabia draw his inspiration in flamencas tones within the family. After a sound formation in classic dance then contemporary – with Maurice Béjart particuliarly- she follows her training in Spain with the greatest (Rocio Molina, Belen Maya, Pastora Galvan, Joaquin Grilo, Antonio Canales, Javier Latorre). Passionate about transmitting  her art, helder of Master in Education Sciences, she has been managing for the past twelve years the Acento Flamenco company and open in 2017 in Marseille La Casa 108, an artistic centre for practices and exchanges between world cultures.
La Fabia works in collaboration with many artist from various horizons (comedians photographers, film-makers, dancers, painters, jazz, santi, indian, electro musicians …), that she incorporates in her company multifaceted projects. Her charismatic and luxurious energy, her generous and spirited style conquers the stage and the audience, as well as the amators that she trains through her classes and workshops.

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