The gamelan is designed like a single body whose organs are animated by the multiple musicians, it is the prime exemple of the collective instrument. This Indonesian ensemble of melodic drums has been played for more than 600 years at the time of buddhist rituals or in the context of shadow theater shows (wayang kulit) and traditional dances in Balinesian and Javanese villages. His particular musicality and sonorities have inspired the greatest contemporary composers (Steve Reich, John Cage…).
Whatever level you may be at, rookie or advanced, share the parts on this Java Gamelan, an ensemble of bronze and iron percussions. Take over the specific gestures, the cyclic music, the expendable time and the atypical instrument wonderful resonance. Live a joyful collective musical experience through the exploration of traditional and contemporary repertory and of your own composition of sound mandala.

Goals :
To know the cultural notions of the gamelan practice : its origins, its part in the Javanese society, the different existing styles … To know the gamelan percussions, its interweaving and sound features.
To build up together simple musical cycles, elementary melodic frames.
To use the fractal development of variations and stretching of time.
To use traditional and contemporary Javanese repertories.
To be able to improvise in the collective composition.

Content :
Discovery of the particular musicality of the Java gamelan
Sharing of instruments with the group
Development and creation of a cyclic music
Collective musical experience : a new perspective of music through the collective rhythmic

Henri Maquet

As a Musician able to play multiple instruments, ethno-musicologist, instruments vector, composer, educator, singer, festival organizer … fed with musicologic roots and popular repertory of the Pays dOc, he also follow the paths of electro, research and spontaneity. As a festival fellow traveller, he takes interest in the extaordinary properties of the gamelan that he has been playing for many years, as a teacher and composer.  In 2019 , he travels to Indonesia to improve his knowledge of the instrument, its comprehension, technique and capacity to pass on values.

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