This Master Class for every guitarist of intermediate, advanced and professional level  offers a complete introduction to Brezil popular music history and repertory in its richness and diversity : his musical style, rhythm, harmonious characteristics and stories, applied to the accoustic guitar. Following collective time dedicated to the listening, video analyse, reading and study of certain song, some time will be given to little group practice during which you will work on songs of Tom Jobim, Dorival Caymmi, Luiz Gonzaga, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Baden Powel, etc. Through an adapted pedagogy to everyone’s needs and ambitions, live an enlighting and exotic experience.

Goals :
To know Brazil popular music fondations
To play and replicate great Brazilian artists

Content :
Introduction to the history of Brazil popular music
Discovery and analyse of specific songs
Impression exercice
Individual and collective practice

Lucas Santtana

Originated from Salvador de Bahia, black capital city of a resisting Nordeste, this multi-instrumentalist guitarist, nephew of Tom Zé and son of the historical Producer Roberto Sant’Ana, has frequented tropicalist environment very early. From this radical mouvement which emerged in Brazil at the end of the 60’s and was led by Gilberto Gil, Tom Zé or Caetano Veloso, the author-composor and performer kept in mind and in precept : every vision of modernity go through a rupture. After the electronical collages of his begginings, he signs with his eighth album, O Céu E Velho Ha Muito Tempo (The sky has been old for a long time) published at NoFormat in 2019, a return to the guitar-voice simplicity and depicts a hard and filterless picture of the political and cultural situation of his country.

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