Musicians, singers, comedians, whatever your expertise and personal history may be, build  your own unprecedented ephemeral collective creation ! Strong from his plurial experiences, Lionel Suarez will pass you on a series of useful tools from which each participant will be able to improve his performance, arragement conception, improvisation comprehension and musical imagination … Together, take on the challenge of a special joint partition « Wind of the Suds ». Musical listening, music reading, improvisation or concerto : it is through the chance of this instantaneous meeting that will be built «  a tribe at work in good company, with musical photo support, temporary, born in the moment » Lionel Suarez.

Goals :
To be able to express yourself and create collectively
To share and list musical knowledge
To be able to improvise in a collective
To be able to adjust to a melody and an intrusment

Content :
Establishment of a collective training
Creation and interpretation of a collective track song
Sharing of instrumental and musical knowledge

Lionel Suarez 

Composer, arranger, producer … He is now one of the accordion player the most wanted in the French music scene. His collaborations are multiple and prestigious : from Claude Nougaro to Richard Bona, from Jean Rochefort of the National Jazz Orchestra including Charles  Aznavour, Clotilde Courau, Bernard Lavilliers, André Minvielle, Piers Faccini , Bumcello or even Yael Naim have seized  the versatility and perfectionism of this fine colorist who gives his instrument surprising orchestral perfumes.



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