« We don’t sing to give voice but to speak up. And if possible, a true speech…This double research is what, from my point of view, leads the interpreter and the listener. » This Master Class for Professional and Advanced level singers, comedians and instrumentalists who wish to fix with precision their vocal instrument, to feed their performance and carry an authentic and fair speech. It doesn’t matter if they are written in the tradition or led by creation, popular music is basic meterial to an accurate work on poetic and musical subject. Same thing for the means deployed to provide sound in the body and to deliver the speech to the listener.

Goals :
To succed to find your own « music style »
To acquire a vocal technique
To succed to lead a transmision time, no matter the language

Content :
To document a singing (who is singing, where, for who, in which circonstances, what language, what musical language : style, ornementation, harmonization…)
Make  performance choices by respecting or recreating the tradition
Transmission of popular singing and of a large repertory
Work on the earing : rhythm Learning
Songs learning : accuracy and style

Emmanuel Pesnot 

Passionate with poetry, songs, music and … anatomy, he has already  directed a few courses and Master Class  for the past festivals. This famed pedagogue, conductor and lyrical singer trained by Martina A. Catella, Lucilla Galeazzi or Evelyne Girardon is sought for his original approach of popular music. « Instrument maker for voices» he accompanies polyphonic groups like La Mal Coiffée, Du Bartas, Lo Barrut…

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