If the millenial oriental lute carry out  the musical legacy of the Arab world, the oud is also able to adjust to the most contemporary sonorities. In this advanced and profesional class the hands-on practice will permit to extend the different modes of interpretation of the rhythmical use of a plectrum. The program will incorporate compositions which bring into play a variety of rhythmical structure : 11/8-9/8 (Carod, Haig Yazdjian) Egyptian/Syrian mode (Kahramana, Farid El Atrash), and Iraqi (Solaf, Ghanim Haddad), as well as a song based on a “classical” play (Samay Bayati, Marcel Khalife).

Goals :
To be able to use a new repertory (Egyptian, Iraqi and Turkish)
To improve your technique
To be able to read maqâma

Content :
Analyse musical phrases
Hands-on exercice
Discovery of Egyptian, Iraqi and Turkish repertory
Work on the plectrum

Ahmad Al Khatib

This Palestian musician born in Jordanie starts his oud training at a very young age, he then studies musicology and classic oriental violoncello before teaching the foundations of music modality, composition and musical ensemble. Attracted by new forms of musical expression, this oud prodigy is now view as one of the great master and heir of the best composer. With one foot into the past and the other into the future, he constently explores every possibilities of expression that his instrument can bring and search restlessly the right nuances. A writter whose work is considered as a reference in term of musical transcription and education, his teaching skills are well known and appreciated. He has already directed a few Master Classes at the festival and participated to a concert for the SUDS in 2011 : Duo Sabîl with Youssef Hbeisch and also in 2013 : Jadayel with the Bela Quatuor.

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