During Afro-Cuban sacred ceremonies (santeria), the drums batas are directed by a solo singer who triggers the choristers sang reaction and leads the dance … To grasp all the finesse of his songs you are invited in this Master Class to discover this unique dialogue. Based on orality, the feeling and musicality of each , the offered pedagogy fit to all levels : a system of partitions which incorporate body movements and a series of polyrhythmic games simplify the leaning of the sang Afro-Cuban repertory and the discovery of drums batas … Remain the pleasure of dancing and singing together !

Goals :
To interleave polyrhythms, to analyse their execution quality
To practice on drum chorus
To adjust its singing and movements to the different drum rhythms

Content :
Exploration of a singing and percussions repertory
Discovery of the specific Afro-Cuban rhythms
Oral, corporal and rhythmic training

Syvlain Durantet

After studying a large field of African, Indian, Latin and Oriental tradional music, it is through singing that this percussionist found the animistic Afro-Cuban repertory (singing, rhythms and dance). Passionate, he accompanies at the drum and singing multiple Cuban contemporary dancers (Albertico, Madeline Rodriguez, Karem Ortiz, Onildé, Jorge Camaguey, Juanito Ramos, Juan de Dios, Yoannis Tamayo, Alice Fanjat, etc.) and work with various musical formation : Cuban (Alajé collective), Brazilian (Roda de la Guill’), La Réunion (Maloya ti’kaniki) and Afro-haitian (Kompas Doudou Chérie). Commited musician in a citizen iniative, he has been managing the workshop « rhythms and voice » for the past 10 years within specialised institutions : asyliums, prisons, remand prisons, and accomodation centers for people with disabilities, IME, etc.

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