This Master Class applies to percussionists, dancers, guitarists, singers and other instrumentalists at beginner and intermediate level who in addition to the foundations of different flamencas rhythmics want to acquire technical and theorical knowledge on the art of flamenco. You will tackle the binary and ternary rhythmics as well as the 12 beats rhythmics in a perspective of accompaniment to the singing, guitar, and flamenca dance.


This Master Class for beginner and intermediate level offers to everyone the « rhythmic keys » to acquire the foundations of different flamenco compas. The joint study of the three facets of flamenco art (cante, baile, guitar) allows to deepen the foundations and support the singing and the dancing through the palmas (hands clapping). Complicated and varied, this authentic percussion is also a spontaneous way of expression which goes with the music, the dance or more simply with a party !

Goals :
To know the foundations of the flamenco art
To use basics fondations of compas
To support the singing and dancing on a rhythmic level

Content :
Awareness to the flamenca culture through listening
Individual and collective practice
Put into practice the support to the dancers at the end of the week

Juan Manuel Cortes

His career is a consistent whirling. He scours the stages, dialogue with multiple artists (Samuelito, Kiko Ruiz, Lydie Fuerte, Vincent Loukas, Vicente Pradal…) then goes back wihout settle his quest to the absolute flamenco. Profound and inflexible on tradition, Juan Manuel is a fine composer, a distinguished interpetor, energetic, an expert of the « compas », able to perform with finess and subtility all the panel of flamenco repertory. Passionate pedagogue, Juan Manuel dare to clearly deprive, with multiple sound illustrations and visual supports, some of the mysteres specific to flamenco. He depicts the musical forms and lead us to the maze of the diverse flamenco styles.



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