Saved from oblivion in the 60’s, this traditional Basque drum, close to the xylophone and balafon, is played in pairs with the pilon technique, side by side or face to face, a stick in each hand, the txalapartaris strike at the vertical on wood planks a basic rhythm called ttakun similar to the gallop of a horse or to the beating of a heart. On this instrument meant for improvisation the interaction between the two players happens through different and exchangeable roles. This Master Class open to everyone offers to discover duet play and rhythmic improvisation that make the particuliarity of this surprising instrument !

Goals :
To play the txalaparta instrument
To use the basics model for polyrhythmia and shared rhythms
To form Basque melodies and rhythms
To play and improvise a rhythm in duet
To know the basic techniques to built a txalaparta

Content :
Exploration of the Basque traditions
Discovery of the txalaporta’s characteristics
Worm up
Musical practice in duet
Knowledge of the requirements to consider when building a txalaparta

Inaki Plaza

This spanish musician, ambassador of the Basque tradition, multiplies meeting and adventures. Master of the trikitixa (Basque diatonic accordion), txalaparta (prononced tchalaparta), pandero (traditional Basque percussions) and other percussions (bodhran, cajon, darbuka), he starts his career among Izalde and Sorbeltz, then joined in rotation Kepa Junkera, Ibon Koteron, Etxak, etc. His firt solo album, Ekhi, is published at Warner Spain in 2014. In 2019, among the four singers of Ialma he is one the isntrumatalist of the Gaizca Project, a fusion between traditional and popular music from Galicia, Calalonia and Basque Country, of which he is the proud representative. He passes that on his passion through the multiple class, didactic concert and Master Class he delivers in Basque as well as German universities and music schools.

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